Cindy Robins Yoga Cindy Studio Pose

After many years of dance from a young age and with a keen interest in keeping healthy. Yoga felt like a natural path for me to take.

My journey took a new turn when I discovered a sivananda teacher who really inspired me. His class was strong on posture work and pranayama, but for the first time I found a spirituality in my practice, an inner Calmness or prana.

After practicing with him for many years and studying intensively with the swamis, I had a strong desire to teach. Working with such calm people filled with inner beauty and peace was very inspiring.

In 2002 I was able to complete my teacher training. I have a summer house in my garden which became the perfect yoga studio. It is light and airy facing onto a lush garden. With space for 9 students, classes are small and intimate.

In the summer when the weather allows classes are held outside on the deck. Practising yoga in nature is a wonderful freeing experience.

Ten years ago I found another wonderful mentor the Scaravelli yoga inspired Marc Woolford now known as Marc Acquaviva after his school Acquaviva School of Yoga. I have since completed a 500 hrs teaching training course and continue to work with him regularly also helping new students on his courseSs.

Scaravelli yoga teaches quality of movement over achievement of postures.

To my understanding the word yoga means to bind to put back together, to integrate. It has nothing to do with achieving postures by distorting the body, but has everything to do with creating the unique condition of unconflicting (ie natural) relationships between different parts of ourselves. MARC ACQUAVIVA

My practice now feels more integrated, working with the vital core, the breath, the spine and the rest of the body growing strength into lightness. Staying present in body and mind as you journey into a posture . Being patient. Allowing us to listen and feel our body, to come into each posture as if for the first time with compassion, freedom and without violence.

I bring this work and my past practice of Sivananda yoga into my teaching. An integration of mind body and soul